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Technical Writer offering high-engagement articles that drive visitors to the brand’s website, and eventually helps them to trust the brand’s expertise.

In the pandemic-inflicted world of four walls, social media has been the primary outlet for nearly two years. Today, it is fairly easy to know what the world at large is thinking or heading towards, and guess what is trending on almost all social media channels lately? NFTs!

NFTs has…

The Random Forest Classifier is one of the most used and talked-of algorithms in Data Science and Machine Learning and justly so!

Firstly, this algorithm is so intuitive that users and even laymen (non-technical associates or stakeholders) understand how it works with extreme ease. This is so because the components…

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Anybody not living under a rock in the 21st century is bound to have heard of Natural Language Processing or NLP. It is the technique of teaching machines to understand human-like languages in the most efficient manner. Wikipedia defines it as follows:

“Natural language processing (NLP) is a subfield of…

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There is historical proof that humans have always feared the product of their own minds — Technology.

If we go back, people feared that touching phones would result in terrible shocks and when trains were invented, it was a popular belief that the body was not designed to travel at…


When I started writing content for technical blogs and websites about 4 years ago, I was highly tempted to use heavy and fancy words.

But honestly, when I read my content from back then, I realize that I probably wouldn’t have hired myself.

Over the years, I have understood the…

Like PCA, t-SNE, or t-distributed Stochastic Neighborhood Embedding, is a visualization and dimensionality reduction algorithm. However, unlike PCA, t-SNE is a highly advanced State of the Art (SOTA) algorithm which beautifully summarizes high dimensional data into interpretable visualizations, a feat PCA can barely achieve especially on clustered data.


Neural Networks are extremely efficient tools for analyzing past and present data. They are made such that they reflect a biological network of neurons at a very fundamental level. However, even this fundamental image of our mind has done wonders with the help of computation resources like high processing power…


1. Objective

2. Data Overview

3. Data Preprocessing

4. Implementation Logic

5. Results

6. References

1. Objective:

The prime objective of an automated QA system is to provide to-the-point answers from large paragraphs/texts, shortening time investment and increasing resource utilization.

2. Data Overview

A random grade-5 comprehension constituting of…

Amazon AI/ML Stack

Amazon’s Web Services have a series of optimized services specifically tailored for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms. These fit into three major tiers, as follows:

Application Services — These are domain-based services which allow us to very quickly generate predictions with pre-trained models using simple API…

GAN or Generative Adversarial Network is one of the most fascinating inventions in the field of AI. All the amazing news articles we come across every day, related to machines achieving splendid human-like tasks, are mostly the work of GANs!

For instance, if you ever heard of AI bots which…

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